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The Golden Path (Workshop 1)

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The Course is suited for 10 to 50 participants
Time required:
Day One: 9 am to 5 pm, Day Two: 9 am to 5~5:30 pm (for smaller groups it can be consolidated into one day) 
With a 45-minute lunch break, and two other short breaks for drinks, fruit, etc.

This is a two-day course that takes participants on a journey of self-discovery through comprehensive dialogs and carefully created experiential processes designed to develop higher levels of self-awareness.

Soul Purpose (Workshop for practitioners)

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This course is designed for 10 -26 participants
Time required: 2 days, 9am – 5pm (for smaller groups it can be consolidated into one day) 
Light lunch 45 minutes, Breaks (drinks and fruit) for 15 minutes
Special requirements – one massage table for every 2 people

This workshop is designed for practitioners who want to incorporate an energetic awareness and practice to their massage technique, giving a guide to working with clients on a metaphysical level.

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