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The first time I met Ben was on a weekend in June 2007. As I was used to Flower Essence therapy, his way of working felt familiar to me. Only Ben's essences seemed to have a much stronger effect than the essences I use. By receiving a healing my violet dragon turned into golden and I felt very happy and good afterwards.
The following days, weeks, months I got deeper insight on what happens in the world, this gave me more inner peace.
The views come and go, like flashes now and then, and the subject of insight is different as you take the different levels. Each level working on a different chakra from up to down as the rainbowforce clearing out the patterns of each chakra, it always gives more inner peace and strength to go on.
I gently got a better understanding of my cosmic connection and the oneness we are part of, of the things I speak out or do not speak out, of the connections I make or do not make with my hart, of the way I am being my true self or not, I learned about hidden emotions and I will very soon start the seventh level to clear out the hidden fears we carry with us.
I am very grateful that I met and that I can use the essences Ben made, especially because of their gentle way of working and yet so very profound and pure effect.
Thank you Ben for sharing these essences with us.
“I have used Ben's Life Essences, both in my energy therapy practice and on myself personally, and have been impressed with their effectiveness. What I have observed is that they enhance the healing/growth process and seem to act as both balancers and accelerators. They are wonderful spiritual tools!”
Karen Custer LCSW-C, Author of The Care and Feeding of the Energetic Core
“I have been using the Life Essences, and while the effects are subtle, I am having an easier time staying present to whatever is going on at any given moment.  I also feel like my intuition is getting stronger and I’m learning to trust it.  It’s a BLAST experiencing another part of who I am.”
“My experience in using the life Essences is very positive and helpful in my effort to move up higher in consciousness.  Also, the booklet entitled “Life Essences” is very helpful.  After I selected an Essence, I would read the page in the booklet that pertained to the essence I selected, and then do three sprays and meditate.  A great way to start my day!”
DJK, age 81
“The Life Essences have a more subtle, long-term impact.  By the time I finished the set, I felt more aware of each chakra—individually and also of my energetic core as a stable, well-grounded open system.  Thank you so much Ben for introducing me to such a valuable tool for healing!”
“I have been using the Life Essences for 123 days now, and I find the effects to be subtle yet profound.  I feel calmer and emotionally balanced.  I understand more clearly, and am more deeply aware of my Oneness with God and all of his Creation.  Thank you, Ben Risby-Jones.”
AK, age 82
“I have always struggled with self-confidence – my brain winning over my heart and intuition.  Taking Life Essences has changed all that.  Now I find my work flows.  I question nothing – I just do it.  I am more open to life in general and all its’ possibilities.”
KMF, Massage Therapist

"I had many dreams while I was taking the essences. One dream was very heavy. A deep experience from the time when I was child. I released the trauma through the dream and over the next week.
When I take the essences my suppressed emotions come out and sometimes I can see, understand and release them. Sometimes it is not so easy and it takes longer.
After a break of 3 weeks I began to take the essences once more and also the dreams came again. Now  more and more I understand what I live and what is suppressed. I become more aware of myself."
Thank you Ben
Elisabeth (Austria)

It's almost half a year ago when I started to participate in the essences. I have just finished my first kit. A lot of things happened, it's interesting to look back.
I feel it like a journey into myself. I am getting clearer. It's more and more like the patterns of my life become visible in my minds eye. I can see them, I can see what the structure is, how things work out. Somehow the matrix of my life becomes evident. It's still my part to work with it, but it's part of the
essences that I can see the patterns. The essences can't change my life, but they help me taking the responsibility.
Another effect is that I feel more centred. I am more calm and less nervous. Somehow I am more balanced. And I am able to differ better my own feelings and emotions from emotions of other people near me.
Not everything is perfect in my life, but I have more and more the feeling, that I am the creator of it. I knew that before, I knew that my thoughts create my experiences. With the essences the knowledge becomes experience itself. I can deal more easily with my experiences, create new and healthy ones more
I am really glad to have the possibility to participate in the essences. It's an enrichment of my life, something very precious. I asked for a teacher and help for my development. I got the essences. Thank you for that.
August 2006, Eva Gütlinger

"The Life Essences helped me to get on a new journey in my life. They made me focused on the things I want to achieve. Taking the essences was like cleaning up my soul, sorting my emotions. I got a clearer picture of myself and other people."

"On the physical level there are more often moments when I realise that my body posture is not good. Also my sensitivity to energy in my hands increased. Blockages in the emotional body have been released through dreams. A nightmare coming up since my childhood is gone. In my previous job I had to do a lot of analysing and thinking to find solutions and I would wake up in the night with a busy mind. Now I more often realise when thoughts are coming in to carry me away. I started to ask my self why I would buy a certain product. Realising that merchandising does work with a lot of illusions, fears and desires. That the difference between two products is often just the story around it. The feeling of being connected to the source of creation increased. All together a lot of smaller and some bigger shifts took place while I was taking the Essences. Also friends and clients reported about similar experiences while taking them.
Thank you very much Ben for sharing the Life Essences."
Christian Maislinger

"I am writing to you because I have just finished the third level of the life essences, and I want to tell you about my experiences and the things that have changed in my life.

I started the first level after the workshop in Seeham three years ago. At this time I had irrational fears. I was afraid to stay in small rooms with many people or eat in restaurants. I tried to avoid these situations as often as possible because I got panic attacks. This was really hard for me and I was afraid to talk about it because I thought everyone would think I was crazy. At the beginning of the first level sometimes it was not easy for me because the fears were very strong, and I had a lot of dreams. But after a while things began to change.  The fears decreased and I was able to talk about it.

One year later, I started the second level. I discovered that my intuition began to grow, and I heard my inner voice more and more.

This year, I started with the third level. Especially when I took the essences in the evening suddenly I was able to feel the energy flowing in my body. I experienced greater body awareness and felt a lot of love in my heart.

Some things I experienced I am unable to express in words; I just felt it.

A lot of things have changed, and I am sure the life essences were a very important part that led to these changes. I want to thank you for this great gift!!!

At the moment I am at a point in my life on which I always think that something must change. I know that there is something waiting for me. I still have to work to find my soul purpose..."
Love and light,

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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