Soul Purpose (Workshop for practitioners)

This course is designed for 10 -26 participants
Time required: 2 days, 9am – 5pm (for smaller groups it can be consolidated into one day) 
Light lunch 45 minutes, Breaks (drinks and fruit) for 15 minutes
Special requirements – one massage table for every 2 people

This workshop is designed for practitioners who want to incorporate an energetic awareness and practice to their massage technique, giving a guide to working with clients on a metaphysical level.

We will cover practical tools that can be either a therapy whole unto themselves or can be incorporated into existing techniques to deepen their practice.

Firstly, we will investigate different maps of the human bioenergetic field, the traditional Chinese perspective, the Ayurvedic chakra system, and the Tibetan chakra system.  We will then investigate the meaning of healing and what it is that you are providing for your clients.

We will cover topics such as genetic coding, energy (blocked energy, stagnant energy, overflowing energy, deficient energy, positive energy, negative energy, time locked energy) and bridging fragments of consciousness together. Also, we will cover what it means to be a multidimensional human being and what our highest potential is.

We then will move into the practice of these topics first seperately and then through the practice of the whole healing session as follows.
There are three distinct phases in this healing session. Any one of the three phases can be used independently or in conjunction with other treatment methods.The aim of the workshop is to provide very real and practical tools for practitioners to be able to access and use in their practice with their clients.

Participants will practice each phase on each other, both receiving and giving changing partners with each different sequence.  Lastly, the participants will perform the entire three phases with a new partner briging the whole exchange together. Participants at the end of the workshop will have received and performed each sequence twice.

Lesson Plan - Day One

8.30 Sign in
9.00 Introduction to metaphysics. Discussion of topics mentioned.  Open discussion as to what is healing! Outline of healing session discussed.
11.00 Break

In pairs we go through first phase 45 minutes, swap and those who received will then give first phase on partner 45 minutes.

12.30 Lunch
1.45 In pairs we go through second phase 45 minutes, then swap - next 45 minutes
3.15 Break
3.30 In Pairs we go through third phase 45 minutes, then swap - next 45 minutes
5.00 Close for first day

Lesson Plan - Day Two


Open discussion over whole 3 sequences.  Review of topics first discussed on day one.

10.45 Break
11.00 Into pairs we go through whole healing session consecutively, bringing the whole experience together.
12.30 Lunch
1.15 Break into pairs and those who received will now give the whole healing session.
2.45 Break
3.00 Trouble shoot. Debrief, clarify, open questions and answer time, explore opportunities where certain sequences will be appropriate while others may not.  Explore opportunities where learn't techniques will work together with existing practices.
4.45 Final meditation
5.00 Closure of the workshop


Start with getting in touch with client on table by walking around the client and touching their extremities.
Stand at feet with hands placed on the soles of feet and perform opening prayer.  Now release contact with client and bring hands together and become clear of own bio-energetic field  – then slowly re-establish contact with toes into meridian system of the client.


Before filling the body with love, you must gently scan the energy through the meridian system, all organs and limbs up to the crown. Do this by following your awareness through the contact with your client’s toes and into their bio-energetic field.

Twenty steps for filling the client with unconditional love are:

  1. Place left hand on the soul of the left foot and right hand on left ankle.
  2. Move right hand to their left knee.
  3. Move right hand to their left hip.
  4. Move right hand on soul of right foot and left hand on right ankle.
  5. Move left hand to right knee.
  6. Move left hand to right hip.
  7. Keeping left hand on right hip, move right hand on left hip.
  8. Move right hand on lower abdomen and left hand on upper abdomen.
  9. Move right hand on bottom of right ribs and left hand on bottom of left ribs.
  10. Remove left hand and right hand on heart
  11. Move left hand on right shoulder and right hand on right elbow
  12. Move right hand to right hand.
  13. Now move right hand on left shoulder and left hand on left elbow.
  14. Now move left hand on left hand.
  15. Come up to the shoulders bridging the shoulders and chest together
  16. Now move gently over throat.
  17. Now hold back of head and apply gentle traction – if feel pulse try and get them to balance
  18. Now hold ears on each side of head.
  19. Now place hands over the eyes and let your thumbs meet on the third eye. By slowly separating your thumbs towards the temporal, clear head of worries and concerns, calm the mind.
  20. Lastly hold the crown.
    (Remember to take time in each position.  Don't lose contact when moving hand positions. In each position fill the body-part between your both hands with energy, once this connection between your hands is strong and clear, move to next position.)



Stand beside the client and place both hands on abdomen, feel body’s pulse, gently rock client just enough to allow both their head and their feet to very gently move from side to side.
Speak out loud to person’s sub-conscious:

“I want to walk back with you to your origins…Back 1 minute from now, back 1 hour from now, back 1 day from now, back 1 week from now, back 1 month from now, back 1 year from now, back 10 years from now, back 20 years from now, back 30 years from now, to the point of your birth in this world, to the point of your conception, to the time before your soul chose this body, when it was free, now I want to go back one life time, now back 2 lifetimes, now back 10 life times, now I want to go back to the time your soul came into creation."


Continue stating this out loud:

“This is the source of your original creation when it was completely free and whole, totally pure.  I want to make a bridge now from that time to now.  I want to bring the pure joyfulness of your source to the present moment in time.
Feel this space for a while and strengthen your connection with this source.”


Continue stating out loud:

“Through this journey you have taken, sometimes experiences have occurred where, through trauma, a small part of your soul got stuck. This process gives us the opportunity to clear the pain of these traumas and collect any part of ourselves that may have been left behind.  We carry with us the lesson of the experience. Now is a time when we can let the pain of the trauma go.”


While continuing to rock the client gently, state out loud:

“ We are now walking forward – one lifetime, 2 lifetimes, 5 lifetimes, 10 lifetimes, now to the time when you prepared for this life, now to the point of your conception, now to your birth, now to1 year old, now to 2 years old, now to 5 years old, now to 10 years old, now to 20 years old, now to 30 years old, now to 1 year ago, now to 1 week ago, now to 1 day ago, now one hour ago, now 1 minute ago, now here in the present, I want you to feel your body here in the now the sensations of the air touching your skin, the weight of your body pressing you against the table, the movement of your body while you breath.”

Slowly calm down the rocking until full calmness and give this precious moment some time.


State, “I now want to ask for the protection of the Archangel Michael to clear any attachments other beings have on this person.  This body, mind and soul completely belong to ______” (say the client’s name as no other being has any claim on him/her).

Now is the time to consciously go back and bring any uncompleted business to completion. Speak out loud to the client – speaking to their higher self:

“Is there anything in your life that is still unfinished?”

Feel if there is an indication; give them time to feel through this question on a subconscious level.  Holding their feet and closing your eyes feel if their spirit is travelling back to any time in their lives. Allow images to rise in your own mind. Allow the session to flow through you at this time; allow them to lead this part of their experience.

You may get a sense if the person is choosing to participate on a spiritual level and bring unresolved issues to pass or not.  It may take a short time or it could take a while.  After a certain amount of time (approx. 10 minutes) if they are having trouble, help them bring the past to closure.  Your intention at this time is to serve this person to realize their greatest potential. Gently speak out loud at the end. It is now time to come to peace with the past. It is now time to move on.


We now start to work off the body – gently raking the wei chi, the protective energetic field surrounding the body.  Gently start at the head and move down the body, along the arms and the legs smoothing the energetic field.  Balance any imbalances as you go. Lastly finish at the feet.



Now gently work up the central energetic core stopping to pinpoint the energetic centres. Use fingertip or own centre-of-hand chakra without touching. Take your time to locate them accurately and slowly work up from the base to the crown. Have your bottles of LIFE ESSENCES close at hand.

Firstly locate the base chakra and do the three moves below.  Take your time to finish one step before moving on to the next step.

Repeat this procedure on each of the 7 chakras

After all the chakras have been completed connect them all together by using your focused awareness and running your hand along the soul thread or energetic core.  This is aligning all the chakras together keeping a continuous energy stream to flow from one to the next.  Firstly work from the crown to the base then back up and then down again.

FIRSTLY – Align the Chakra

Align the chakra by starting in a clockwise circle above the chakra point.  Slowly move your hand closer to the body and with your mind you bring your awareness deeper and deeper into the origin of their chakra moving in spiral and at the same time getting closer to the body, scribing a form like a funnel. Finally when you have found the origin of the chakra, your hand should come to rest.  Your awareness should be able to distinguish this as being the very core of their being, the origin of the chakra.

SECONDLY – Activate the Chakra

Move with the pipette as you had with your hand in the previous step. This is when you place 3 drops directly over the chakra point.  The physical liquid will stop at the surface of where it touches but it is now up to you to follow the energetic signature down further with you conscious intention, using the focus of your attention to follow the energetic signature down to the core of the chakra, its origin.

THIRDLY – Clear the Chakra

Clear the chakra by moving outwardly from the origin in a counter-clockwise motion. Gently move your hand in counter-clockwise circles or actually a spiral upwards as you move it slowly further off the body.


Now move down to the soles of the feet and hold the demonstrated Kidney 1 point (just below the ball of the foot). This is a very grounding point to help the client’s awareness come to the present. Feel with your awareness where they are now and invite them to come back to their present. Now also invite the soul of their being to the surface bridging their entire being together. 
Sometimes when I look at the client’s face at this stage I see them totally glowing in radiant white light.  It is now time to perform the closing prayer.  Afterwards bring your hands together to reassess your own bio-energetic field. Break energetic contact at this time with the client.


If it is thy will, Oh Lord (or Name you choose to call Divinity),
May we be protected and guided by the Highest and Purest Source.
May we receive the balance of the Four Directions – the East, the South, the West and the North.
May we receive the support of the Six Kingdoms – The mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, the angelic kingdom, and the kingdom of God.
I invite my spirit helpers and guides to be present.
I invite ________’s  spirit helpers and guides to be present.
May they work in harmony together for the greatest benefit.
May the work we do today be of benefit not just now but for eternity.
May the sacred healing exchange now take place.


State out loud while holding their feet and providing them with ample energy – consciously supporting them with your energy to finish:
It is now time to come to the completion of this session.  If there is anything that needs to be done that hasn't already been done, now is the time I will support this process to come to completion.
I would now like to thank all the spirit helpers and guides that have supported us in this process.
I would also like to thank the 4 directions for their balance, the north, the west, the south and the east
I would also like to thank the 6 Kingdoms for their support, the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom the angelic kingdom, and the kingdom of god.
I would now like to thank the Universe for allowing this to take place.
And lastly I would like to thank ______(clients name) for allowing this to happen.
I would like to offer thanks for all of this with love in my heart.
Thank you

If you are not feeling comfortable saying these things out loud then they can also be said with the silence of your mind, but it is nice if you do say it out loud so it also includes the consciousness of the client, though in some situations use your intuition as to what is appropriate to say or not.

It is also important to note that these prayers are guides only. It is good for practitioners to feel complete and confident with their opening and close by stating their intention. My use of prayer is my way of doing this but by no means is it the only way.

© Life Essences 2008 Ben Risby-Jones