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Gaia Retreat
Reforestation Project

The price of a tree is $1 AUD.
It takes 10 minutes to prepare and plant.
It needs to be maintained at least 4 times for 5 minutes over 3 years with weed control to establish itself.
Labour = $9 AUD
Total cost is $10 per tree.

You are very welcome to participate on whatever level you would like, every single tree will make a difference.

More great links are:

Plant a Tree

I want to create an opportunity for people to balance the amount of carbon they are responsible for putting into the atmosphere.  Carbon in the atmosphere is the driving force behind global warming.  Reducing carbon emissions and removing it from the atmosphere needs to be the focus of today is we endeavour to provide our future generations with a nurturing and balanced earth.

The main activity relating to carbon emissions is the burning of fossil fuels.  So this relates to driving a car fuelled by unleaded petrol, diesel, L.P. Gas.  It also relates to the use of electricity generated by the burning of fossil fuels.  So unless the electricity is generated by either nuclear (different waste products) or eco-friendly means  (solar, wind, hydro, thermal, tidal) there is a very good chance that it is also creating carbon emissions.

I am not an expert on carbon trading.  What I do know is that something needs to happen.
Planting trees is one thing I do know, and I know it will help.  To this date we have planted over 13,000 native trees for reforestation at Gaia Retreat Centre.

Some basic figures are:
On average, people living in normal houses driving in normal cars produce on average around 19 tons of CO2 each year. Taken from the carbon fund link below.
It is suggested to plant at least two trees per ton of CO2.
To offset this, on average 38 trees per person per year need to be planted.

More detailed analysis can be found on the following website: www.carbonfund.org/site/pages/carbon_calculators/
I don’t mind if you decide to offset your carbon emissions with me or with another organization but I would really encourage you to offset your emissions somewhere, maybe even your own backyard if you have the space.

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