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Gaia Retreat Centre

The home of Life Essences is Gaia Retreat Centre on the East Coast of Australia, a venue where people can share diverse perspectives in a pristine environment. We are devoted to the development of Human Potential and are an example of sustainable living. The diverse ecosystem of the Mapleton National Park extends into the 127 acres of lush rainforest and Eucalyptus bush land of Gaia Retreat Centre. This is a place of tranquillity, yet dynamic and raw in its elements at times, where people and nature live in unison.

The way in which we live is considered “carbon neutral” as we our carbon output is outweighed by our environmental conscientiousness. So far, with grants from local councils and agencies and with our own toil, we have planted thirteen thousand native trees here to green the planet. Please see the Plant a Tree link to help us make this locally supported initiative become a global project.

In addition to this, we have converted vehicles we drive to run on pure vegetable oil. Also, all electricity is generated through a stand-alone solar system. Buildings are made from recycled materials.

The sounds of Gaia Retreat Centre can be heard as the sounds of nature on the CDs available for sale.  Each track is a glimpse of the sounds that can be heard from a day’s cycle in summer. 

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