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Questions & Answers About Life Essences

1. What will Life Essences do for me?

Life essences are a gentle but profound tool that enables the participant to experience directly an increase in self awareness. Wherever the participant's level of personal empowerment is, the essences will support their confident progression to develop further. Some people see this as a spiritual practice. Other people call it personal development, and yet others call it self-mastery.  The name is not what is critical. The evolution process is what is important. The essences are a structured methodical framework where people can evolve further as human beings. It is a very safe, user-friendly system that creates results.

2. When will I notice a difference?

As participants progress through the 120-day course the subtle growth of self-awareness increases dramatically. It is like when the tide of an ocean comes in to the shore. It is hard to discern the movement of each moment of the ocean coming higher up the beach. Sometimes waves of insight are experienced; other times it is a gentle progression. After some time when looked and compared with the past the difference between high tide and low tide is very discernible. The same to is true of the essences. When, in the beginning, a participant may be a little unsure of the self and their life path. Then at the end of the course they retain self-confidence about what their life path holds for themselves.

3. How can I be sure they are working?

A very good way to see if the essences are working is to become increasingly aware of what our soul purpose is in this life. As we become harmonized with our souls,we also become harmonized with the universal soul. As we become harmonized with the universal soul, we start to see ourselves becoming more and more supported in what we do. How this manifests is COINCIDENCES.  Coincidences become a way of life. Things move and change and FALL INTO PLACE when we are in harmony with the universal soul. Our ability to manifest is enhanced greatly, we may have a thought or wish then as we are more and more connected things happen. Initially it may be small things but as you clarity grows so to will your ability to manifest that which you choose to create. The other aspect is the responsibility of getting what you ask for. It will become very clear when you get what you ask for it becomes very important to pay attention to what it is that you ask for.

Sometimes day-to-day things that fill up our lives, and it is difficult to see the big changes as they occur.  If we are able to find a quite space where we can be still and listen to our souls, we are able to clearly recognize the deepening presence of peace that is developing within ourselves. The essences do not change anything in our chosen physical environments. They cannot take the stress away from a busy lifestyle, but they can help to develop a peacefulness within. In doing this, we may choose to change our external environments into a more peaceful experience; we are able to deal with it from a deeper, more centered place within ourselves.  Often what people experience is what is called an “epiphany”.  When this happens it is like a light bulb is turned on. We are able to see things in a new light; our awareness level of ourselves jumps to a new level of understanding. It is one of those, “Oh, now I get it!” moments. In a larger sense, it is a lesson learned, or Karma resolved, an issue cleared. It happens effortlessly when the time is right. Then the next round of lessons comes, forever changing us as we grow and dance with the evolution of ourselves.

4. What if I don't have a lot of experience with energy will I still be able to choose the right one?

The most beautiful part of this process is its user-friendly nature. There is no wrong essence. If we lack self-confidence in our intuition, then this is where we start. We choose an essence. Try to pay less attention to this self-uncertainty. When it comes to the surface, acknowledge it for what it is, simply self-uncertainty. Then continue with the procedure. When we continue day after day, we begin to develop a faith, a faith in the repetition of trusting ourselves.  As our faith in ourselves and our intuition increases, we gently doubt it less and less. We replace the doubt with a confident faith that we make the right choices in all that we do, not just with choosing the essences.

5. What if I think 2 or even 3 essences have the same "feeling"- Can I take more than one at one time, and how do I divide the "sprays"?

For the first cycle (the first 120 days), I recommend to take only one essence at a time. The essences, as subtle as they are, can also have a very powerful effect. People who take numerous essences at any one time can start to experience an overwhelming feeling as their bio-energetic field assimilates the essences' frequency. So I recommend to close your eyes and fell the bag with the seven essences in it.  Then when you feel ready, open the bag and simply choose one essence. Feel it's energy assimilate into your being. Replace the essence in the bag and the bag in it's place and continue on your way. The process is simple. 

6.  What should I do if I miss a dose in the morning or the evening?

If a dose is missed then simply continue at the next prescribed time. Either morning or night. For a thorough transition, it is recommended to have a single essence every morning and every night.

7.  What if I miss several days or even longer?

I recommend sitting for a short time and ask yourself the questions, “Is there anything blocking my personal development?  Can I now clear this block?  Am I best not to take the essences now or have I just been forgetful?”  Ask yourself these questions quietly in your mind and sit patiently, and give yourself time to receive a response.  If nothing is detected, I recommend holding the essences in your hands and close your eyes, feel into the essences and ask yourself quietly with your own mind, “Are these essences right for me to take at this stage in my life?” Give yourself time to receive an answer, it may come in a warm feeling or a word in your thoughts, or it might come as a memory.  Pay attention, does your intuitive guidance feel like a “yes” or a “no.”  If it is “yes,” then make a commitment to yourself to follow the course through to its completion. If it is a “no,” then trust this answer and put the essences aside. When it feels right, I suggest you come back occasionally and “check in” with the essences as situations will always change.  If there feels to be no response then I suggest to trust the process and continue using the essences in the normal way.

There is never a situation or a time when the essences are not appropriate. They are a gentle, yet clear path to developing self-awareness, but they should never be forced upon yourself. A big part of personal awareness is to give yourself the ability to receive what feels right and then act on your intuitive guidance. As your practice deepens with developing your intuitive guidance, your faith in what you choose to do also deepens, and as your faith develops in your own abilities it will flow over to your whole life. If you are having difficulty developing your own intuitive guidance I recommend taking the essences; they will help to develop the self-awareness required to hear your special way of receiving intuitive guidance.

8. What should I do if I travel? Should my Essences be packed in my carry-on luggage or should they be checked?

Traveling with the essences is fine.  They can be put in either carry-on or checked baggage.  I think it is better in your carry-on for a few reasons.  If the checked baggage isn't properly pressurized, sometimes the liquid will want to escape through the sprayer, this only happens a tiny bit, and it only happens to about 1% of the sprayers.  Secondly, if they are in your carry-on, it is easier to keep your eye on them that they will not get damaged by rough handling of the bags or being on the bottom of a large pile of bags.  Often all bags will get x-rayed, and as long as they are not exposed for an extended period of time, it should be no problem. 

9. Can temperature or light affect the Essences?

The essences can be affected by exposure to long periods of sun light.  Basically the sun is an enormous source of power. When crystals are placed in the sun directly for periods of time they receive its power and eventually the majority of the gross energy is transformed into the frequency the sun is transmitting. There is always a memory of what has been there. This is in the cells of the material but the bio-energetic field of the object is changed from whatever frequency was in the object to the frequency that the sun is transmitting. An example is things that have been colored get sun bleached if exposed for long enough.  Minutes directly in the sun for the exposed bottle is no problem and inside their protective container they are safe. If you have the bottles on the window sill in the sun day-after-day, then the energetic signature within them will slowly fade. It will never disappear, but it is best not to leave them in the sun for extended periods of time. Heat is not really a problem, if they are left in the car in the sun for a couple of days, it isn't really a problem. It is not a good idea to boil the essences as it will evaporate the Alcohol that is preserving the essences' integrity.

10. What if I run out of one Essence before the 4 months is up?

This is to be expected. Simply take this essence out of the container, and choose from the remaining essences that are left. You continue this process until the 120 days are up, or when all the essences are completely finished.

11. Once my 4 months is up, might I still have Essences left in my bottles?

There should be a small amount of essences left after the 4 months.  It is okay to continue taking them until they are completely finished.

12. What happens if I break a bottle, or the sprayer stops working?

If a bottle gets broken, individual bottles can be purchased to replace them. If a sprayer stops working, then please contact us and a replacement one will be sent to you. 

13. Is there ever a time in the my 4 month course, or anytime that I should not use the essences? For example, if I'm  ill. Or are there any contraindications? Any medicines, homeopathic or herbals that might cause a problem?  Or that could cause an effect on essences?

The nature of the essences is very safe. They fall into harmony with the true foundation of Medicine – The Hippocratic oath FIRST DO NO HARM. The essences have no contraindications and have no implications with any other medication. I think it is best not to take too many combinations of homeopathic medicine at any one time so homeopathic's should be kept to a minimum whilst taking Life Essences. But this reasoning is based on the Zen principal of doing only that which is necessary rather than a fear of combining medicines.

14. Any allergic or emotional reactions that I should be concerned about?

If there is an intolerance of consuming Alcohol, then it is best to order essences that have been made with a vinegar preservative to stabilize them instead of the brandy. The actual alcohol volume that is consumed in a spray dose is minuscule but some people prefer not to consume any at all, so this is a way around it. When partaking in the the 120-day journey in enlightenment, past experiences that have emotional components that are no longer needed will be released. This release process is generally gentle and often through dreams, in the odd occasion some people will experience emotional releasing during their waking hours. One participant in my workshop who was a very well-known metaphysical teacher suggested that the frequency of the essences was so high that the essences simply melted away these emotional blocks, without the requirement for a cathartic release.

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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