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The Essences

Spiritual Staircase - Physical
Angelic Embodiment - Emotions
Crown of Thorns - Mind
Angel Wings - Unconditional Love
The Breath of Life - Intuition
Star Sight - Wisdom
Bodhisattva - Divinity

Spiritual Staircase - PHYSICAL

This essence aligns your physical being with your natural Life Force. It acts like a bridge bringing your soul into each and every cell of your physical body, activating the cellular memory of your soul’s perfect expression in the physical, grounding it in the present. Through taking this essence, you will experience greater body awareness, feeling your feet touch the ground as you walk, the air as it fills your lungs.

Spiritual Staircase emphasizes being content in the present. Many people seek happiness in desires and dreams rather than experience true happiness right now. This essence helps participants to enjoy who they are and what they have at any given point in time.

We are all on the journey of life, and that journey is a path of stairs leading onwards and upwards. This essence helps you find happiness on the stair you have reached, eroding the myth that satisfaction is in “reaching the top.”

It is by being in the body that we become whole, not by gaining something outside the self. Being whole is Being in the here and now.

This essence was created at the base of one of the Glass House Mountains in Queensland, Australia.


Angelic Embodiment - EMOTIONS

This essence aligns the emotional body to the universal Life Force. It supports the participant to live in the present responding to their environment as it occurs.

Sometimes in this world we go through situations that are hard to deal with emotionally. Sometimes emotions are so strong that we don’t want to feel them; we don’t believe we could survive if we do. We create blocks to stop us feeling these emotions. This process can continue as we move through life causing us to become progressively more inhibited in our emotional experiences.

Angelic Embodiment helps people to feel again. It clears past emotions gently, often through dreams, and helps people open up again to express themselves. We are feeling creatures, having emotions all the time. Angelic Embodiment brings back this aspect of being a human and encourages us to live emotionally in the present. 

To feel is to be free.

This essence was made in a beautiful secret valley. For it to remain so, I will respect it by keeping the valley unnamed.


Crown of Thorns - MIND

This essence aligns the Intellectual Body to the Universal Life Force. Mind talk - be it pictures or words of either the past or the future - is quite a distraction from paying attention to the present moment. When an individual’s mind is taking them away from the present then it is being the master. When the mind is quiet, allowing creativity, inspiration and awe of more than just itself, then it becomes an effective tool. It is when our own personal minds are quiet that we start to catch a glimpse of the universal mind, that of which we are all a part. This is where inspiration comes from. This is the sum total of all beings’ potential. This is where we can live. We only need to calm the mind.

Crown of Thorns brings our awareness to encompass our thoughts, as we become aware of them. We then have the opportunity to calm them, and then ultimately we have the opportunity to master the mind and use it as an effective gift.

The present is where all beings exist – choose to participate in life.

This essence was made in Delos, a uninhabited Greek island. There is only one mountain on this island, and it was at its top where this essence came into being.



Throughout the history of humans, there has been an acknowledgment of something greater than who we are as individuals. It has been called many things – God, Allah, The Great Spirit, and The Rainbow Serpent. Humanity is now of an age where it is appropriate for every individual to communicate directly with God rather then to look to an intermediary for their interpretations. This process is facilitated through individuals directly experiencing unconditional love – this is the energetic merging of a person with the divine creation.

Angel Wings provides an opportunity for an individual to experience unconditional love.

We are all a part of this creation; we are all a part of the creator. Love is the gateway to experiencing the unity and interconnectedness of all things, ourselves included.

This essence was created in Turkey at a place named Olympus, a magical seaside landscape where natural gasses escape through the cracks in the rocks creating a natural perpetual flame.


The Breath of Life - INTUITION

Everyone is unique, having talents and abilities and perspectives that only they possess. We all have five senses on which we rely to interpret the world. As well as these five, we also have a sixth sense. This sixth sense opens one to spirit through clairvoyance and clairaudience, also giving access to an inner knowing or clairsentience. We all have access to these gifts and abilities, and we can develop them if we choose. They can help in guiding us on our life’s path. 

The Breath of Life creates the opportunity for the participant to open up intuitively to their inner voice, listening with the quiet of their heart and hearing the whisper of their truth, guiding them towards the light of their path. 

As we walk our lifepath, we can contribute our truth to the creation with confidence.

This essence was first called Te Hei Mouri Ora, which is Maori for "the Breath of Life". This essence was created in Dunedin, New Zealand with a very special group of people including my colleague and friend Wai Turoa-Morgan, Maori shaman and teacher.


Star Sight - WISDOM

We all live in fundamental reality. This shared experience is comprised of all beings and things. How we interpret this fundamental reality is specific to our constraints. Our past shapes our experience of the present in the form of belief systems and filters – what we understand and accept to be truth – this is our specific sub-reality. We have beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. This only exists as a personal experience, but we are led to believe it is reality. It is in penetrating through our belief systems and interpretations of reality that we can touch that which lies beyond, fundamental reality. The experience of fundamental reality is the realisation of Universal Wisdom.

Star Sight helps you penetrate the illusions that surround you both internally and externally so you can then see the truth for what it is.

See it as it is.

This essence was created on one of the most Northern islands of Sumatra, named Rubis Island. The essence is a combination of flowers from the land and flowers from the sea – coral. This island was the last stopping point of all the Muslims from Indonesia on their pilgrimage to Mecca.


Bodhisattva - DIVINITY

The name Bodhisattva comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, and it literally means “one whose essence is bodhi (enlightenment)”. A Bodhisattva has attained enlightenment and has remained behind to help others also achieve enlightenment. 

The essence of Bodhisattva is about becoming a servant to the entire creation – surrendering to your life purpose, achieving what it is that you are here to achieve with the loving support of the entire creation. We are in the end all one, whole in ourselves and a part of the greater whole. We are all synergistically working in harmony together to achieve the same result. 

The Bodhisattva essence aligns the soul with all aspects within the self, creating an inner harmony. In doing so, it aligns the self with the Universal Life Force, harmonising the self with the greater whole. This essence aligns one’s highest potential with one’s everyday actions.This gives us the knowledge that we have at all times have the opportunity to experience free will.

Life only exists in the present moment in time.

This essence was created in the Jarkon monastery in Tibet. It is the central monastery in Lasa. It is the energetic signature of these beautiful devoted monks performing puja (a sacred blessing). 

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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