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The New Layers of the Essences

The essences have just undergone a quantum leap in their potential and application for individual users.

There are now 7 levels of kits available.

How it Works

Firstly starting from the white kit people who take the essences experience a very gentle awakening process.  This kit is focusing on the spiritual aspect of the human experience.  SO the transition is very gentle and sublime.  As participants start to move through different levels the awakening process starts to include denser parts of the human bioenergetic make-up.  This means that the essences are working on denser energetic aspects of the human condition. 

SO an example is when on the first kit the conscious intellectual mind occasionally gets glimpses of universal truth.  Those AARHHHA moments (sound familiar?) and as the kits move through the levels these moments become more frequent, with the end result being that the intellectual mind experiences the continuum of time at this fundamental level.

SO what is happening is we are using the essences as a tool to clear the way for the spirit of the individual to inhabit the human experience.  Firstly we are starting at a subtle place coxing the spirit forward.  As we continue working through the levels it is clearing the path for the spirit to move to the denser aspects of the human.  (When I use the word denser I mean closer to the physical world).  SO as we continue we embody our spirit in all our aspects of whom we are.

The essences act as a bridge harmonising our spirits and our personalities acknowledging them as one.  From our personalities perspective this is literally the enlightenment process.  From our spirits' perspective – we are embodying the human experience.

The point of being here in this world is exactly that.

Be here in this world.

In the eternal present.

Nothing is the right or wrong way to be,
If you are happy – experience that. 
If you are sad experience that. 

If you want to change – perfect –experience changing this is your freedom and your power. 

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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