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About Ben Risby-Jones

I stepped away from a naturopathy practice and began the journey to my soul purpose. I sought the wisdom that the great sages sought. I wanted to source the answers to the significance of life. I set out to discover this through studying with teachers from traditions around the world. I realized the purpose of living in this world.

From sweat lodges and vision quests to meditation retreats and pilgrimages, I have enjoyed and benefited from the teachings, and I created Life Essences along the way. Life Essences have become my expression of healing. They speak of my own spiritual journey and the lessons given to me from the Universe. From this journey and its many experiences I would like to share the essences with you. They are the summary of the fundamental truth of what I have found this planet to offer. They embody and teach what I believe is the reason why we are here. They guide us to the reason for our being and how to surrender into being human. 

I found that beyond cultural interpretations, the world’s spiritual traditions and different practices all come to the same point which is what I endeavor to share with other people through the essences.  I do not want to limit the experience by confining it to words but rather to create the opportunity for people to experience it directly for themselves.

As more and more individuals engage in this process of personal evolution, we are significantly contributing to the evolution of the mass consciousness of the human species. The process of personal evolution of our own consciousness leads to the awareness of how we influence the world by the choices we make. This is the next evolutionary step that humans must take if we are to bequeath a nourishing and nurturing home to our future generations.

I trust the Essences Will Serve You Well.

Ben Risby-Jones

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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