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About Life Essences

Pioneering new ground as one of the first globally founded essence kits available, Life Essences Kits offer many fundamental benefits to the conscious person of this modern era.

Each essence represents one of the seven universal aspects of the human condition. The seven essences bridge together our most animalistic aspects to our purest soul expression and help us to integrate these together into a purposeful and meaningful life.

There are seven levels available to open your perceptions to who you are.

Background on Flower Essences

Flower essences have been found in many indigenous cultures around the world. They have been trialed and tested through time.  In its modern form, Richard Bach, the founder of Bach Flower Essences, is the reason this modality is commonly found around the world today. He harnessed the energetic qualities in flowers as a healing modality.

How Essences Work

How the essences work is by introducing a specific energetic signature into a person's bio-energetic field.  This new energetic signature that is introduced triggers a specific response.  The responses are initially gentle but as the person continues to reintroduce this energetic signature then the response becomes stronger.

What the Essences are Made Of

The actual essences carry the energetic signature of different sacred places in the world as intended by Ben. There are elements such as plants, coral and minerals, as well as the time it was made, which has affected the particular energy that is harnessed. With the proper intention, Ben has collected the essences and shares them with you in individual spray bottles constituted of pure water with brandy as a preservative (though non-alcoholic kits can be made using vinegar instead of brandy upon request.)

What You Can Expect to Happen

The effect of taking the essences starts gently and incrementally becomes more noticeable as you are ready to take on your power. As you become master of your life, that which you desire and that which you create become one in the same. This allows a peace to come into your experience of this world and ultimately a fulfilment of your life's purpose.

Do You “Need” the Essences?

You can always benefit from taking Life Essences as they can assist personal growth and development at any point on your path. There is no one correct time in your life when you “need” them the most. They are not a “need” in the sense of “I gotta have it” or “I don’t need them anymore.” They are a life tool kit that is useful all the time. Their potential is great even when all is going well!

Into the Future Consciousness

Life Essences are dedicated to the evolution of individuals and in doing so also support the evolution of the mass consciousness of the human species.

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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